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Benn v Eubank 1990

Title: Benn v Eubank 1990
Medium:  Canvas 
Edition: 90 (Fight was in 1990) 
Hand Embellished: Yes 
Signed by Artist: Yes 
Framed Size: 25" x 31"  Price: £595 
Framed Size: 37" x 47" Price: £1200

In 1990 ~ The classic fight between Nigel Benn & Chris Eubank was a British rivalry like no other. 

The top portraits of both Fighters portray the ecstasy of Eubank in winning the fight and the glare of Benn before the fight.

The intensity before the fight can clearly be seen on the snarl of Benn and the arrogance of Eubank. 

It truly made for an epic battle.
The bottom portrays both in a battle of supremacy during the fight.  

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