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“Our Amigo”

In memory of Mr Rab Bannan ~ The Barn ABC 

Title: "Our Amigo" 
Medium: Art Print 260 gsm
Edition: Limited
Mounted: Yes
Signed by Artist: Yes
Price: £35

Commission for Mr Jim Smith  Scottish Referee

Rab founded the Barn boxing club in 1977 in the Kirkwood Sports Barn in Coatbridge.  Following in his fathers footsteps who ran the Cannon Hacket Club also in Coatbridge.  Rab was the head coach in the Barn since day one and involved in boxing for more than 60 years. 

Rab, who was in the club eight hours a day, five days a week and also on Saturday mornings during the boxing season, moulded numerous district, national and British champions - and world champions Lawrence Murphy and Ricky Burns. 

His coaching has produced more junior champions than any club in Europe and in the 1994 his fighters won ten national titles in a single championship event, a feat that has not been surpassed by any club since.

The word legend is used a lot, but in this case it only comes close to describing the man who has dedicated more than 40 years of his life to the club, the sport and the local people of Coatbridge.

Rab was more than a coach - he was a father figure to many, a social worker, role model and friend.  He worked tirelessly often unseen, to educate kids to better themselves and use their energy positively, regardless of race, religion, colour or gender.  His efforts were recognised in 2014 by being selected to carry the Queens Commonwealth Batton in Coatbridge ahead of the Games that year and in 2015 winning the BBC Unsung Hero Award

Rab enjoyed writing and is a published author 

Our Amigo - Rab Bannan 


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