Jack Shore Commission Cage Warriors Champion

Cardiff Ice Arena Dec 2018

December 2018

Jack Shore Cage Warriors 

Bantamweight Champion 

The painting captures the moment father and son embrace, justifying the hard work,  the victory roar from Jack with the Cage Warriors belt amidst the flames of fire....I wanted to capture that moment, the photo of KOmedia’s Jerry McCarthy with the embrace showed a lot of emotion.  Initially Sponsor BatchPlant wanted the roar of Jack from photographer Dolly Clew but looking at the reference available I knew that would make the painting extra special.  

With Jacks fans chanting “Jack Shores on Fire” this  has become synonymous with his fights and wanted to add this into the painting with the flames.  

The painting was presented to Richard & Jack Shore recently by Sponsor Lee Batchelor.  They didn’t expect it which makes it a great surprise.  

“I was actually in New York at the time he won  exhibiting my Art at the Lomachenko fight.  I received a txt off Batch saying.  New Cage Warriors Champion...don’t get jet lag and get painting.