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Tyson Fury & Bob Arum Signed

Title: Tyson Fury & Bob Arum 
Edition: 15 Hand Embellished Canvases
Image Size: 12.5” x 30” 
Framed Size:  20.5” x 38”
Signed by Tyson Fury: Yes
Signed by Bob Arum: Yes 
Signed by Artist: Yes 
Price: £2500

Comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the Artist 

The painting captures Tyson Fury after his debut in Vegas.  Captured in this contemporary style with colour in the background,  the images of Bob Arum and Fury are more realistic with the contemporary feel around the image.  

“I wanted to capture this moment with Bob after the fight,  the entrance with the Rocky shorts and James Brown Music was such an iconic moment”  Pat Killian/Artist 

  A Limited Edition of just 15 Hand Embellished Canvas Prints Signed by Bob and Tyson in Las Vegas

A % of the sale of this Edition will go to the Amelia Mae Children’s Cancer Charity of which I am an ambassador 

Tyson Fury owns the original painting.  It also featured on MTV cribs 2021


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