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Ronnie Coleman

Title: Ronnie Coleman
Medium: Art Print 
Edition:  Open 
Size: 10" x 19" 
Signed by Artist: Yes
Price: £35 

Title: Ronnie Coleman
Medium: Hand Embellished Canvas 
Edition:  3  (Signed by Ronnie Coleman) 
Size: 25" x 43" 
Signed by Ronnie Coleman: Yes 
Signed by Artist: Yes
Price: £2895

I was commissioned to produce this piece in Las Vegas and presented it to Ronnie Coleman in Las Vegas at the Olympia.  

The areas embellished in this piece are mainly the colours in the background and bits of colour on Coleman’s body.  The canvas editions are then triple varnished for protection and finish, dry mounted and framed.  Individually signed & numbered by the Artist (me) 

The embellishment gives the canvas a more unique finish.  There won’t be another the same.  Giving the piece extra provenance. 

New Edition ~ Signed by Ronnie Coleman ~ 
Hand Embellished Canvas Edition, Triple Varnished.  Signed & Numbered by Artist 

Only 3 signed worldwide 

Framed Price: £2895 


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