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Original Art to be Exhibited in Las Vegas at the after party of UFC 219
Marc Diakiese is a hot prospect in the UFC where he fights in the lightweight division.
He has won many championship titles and awards in MMA both as an amateur and a professional fighter.
Marc was born in the Congo and moved to the UK at the age of 12. His spectacular rise in UK MMA led to an early call up by the UFC.
His UFC record is an impressive 12 wins and 1 loss. Diakiese made his UFC debut against Lukasz Sajewski on 8 October 2016 at UFC 204. After being smothered by his opponent in the first round, Diakiese came back to win the fight by TKO due to knees and punches near the end of the second round.
Diakiese faced Teemu Packalen on 18 March 2017 at UFC Fight Night: Manuwa vs. Anderson. Diakiese defeated Packalen via knockout, 30 seconds into the first round.The win earned Diakiese his first Performance of the Night bonus.
The renowned artist Pat Killian has carved a niche for himself in the art world as a creator of phenomenal portraits of important, highly rated and successful pop culture figures.
With respect to combat sports, his paintings capture the intensity of the art together with the focus and determination of the fighters.
These portraits are sought after by serious art collectors and MMA fans as they are an important documentation of the careers of these champion fighters and the meteoric rise of MMA as a lucrative worldwide sport.
Marc’s portrait has been authenticated by artcapitalghana - an international art auction house; it is also signed by the artist and the paintings subject Marc Diakiese.


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