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Crawford Victory

Crawford Victory Painting presented at his victory celebration in Omaha Nebraska.  In collaboration with the city of Omaha. 

Angela Crockett PR is thrilled to share a fantastic announcement that will undoubtedly add an artistic touch to the celebratory parade for Terence "Bud" Crawford! 

The City of Omaha invited the internationally acclaimed artist Patrick Killian as a special guest during the momentous occasion.

Killian known worldwide for his breathtaking creations that capture the essence of significant moments, commemorates Terence Crawford's iconic victory!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mayor Jean Stothert and Steve Nelson for their support in making this collaboration possible. Together, we are showcasing the heart and soul of Omaha – a city that values both cultural vibrancy and athletic achievement.

Let's come together to applaud Terence Crawford's achievement and witness the unveiling of a masterpiece that tells a story of determination, passion, and victory!

Spence Jr v Crawford

Winner takes all ~ Undisputed!! 


On July 29th 2023 Bud Crawford opened the eyes of many and proved his many doubters wrong.  The way in which he controlled the fight, he was never in trouble and seemed the stronger pushing Spence back.  Putting Spence down 3 times and finishing the fight in the 9th.  Bud is now Boxing's Superstar 

The painting features Bud Crawfords epic ring walk with Eminem and moments captured from the fight 

"From the moment I realised Eminem was walking Bud Crawford out I had a creative idea in mind,  and the way that he did it was epic and I knew it would be a beautiful piece"
Pat Killian 


Title: Crawford Victory 
Medium: Art Print 
Edition: Limited 
Size: 30cm x 38cm
Signed by Artist: Yes 
Price: £30

Title: Crawford Victory
Medium: Mounted Art Print 
Edition: 100
Size: 11" x 14"
Signed by Artist: Yes 
Price: £75

Title: Crawford Victory
Medium: Fine Art Print 
Edition: 40
Size: 18" x 24"
Signed by Artist: Yes 
Price: £325

Title: Crawford Victory
Medium: Canvas Edition 
Edition: 25
Size: 23" x 31" 
Hand Embellished: Yes 
Framed: Yes 
Signed by Artist: Yes 
Unsigned Price: £795
Signed by Crawford (very limited) Price: £2500


Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr finally faced each other last month to fulfil one of boxing’s most highly anticipated match-ups.

The Undisputed Welterweight Title clash looked to have been wishful thinking for fans after numerous delays and postponements.

Since Crawford moved up into the welterweight division and claimed the WBO strap in 2018, he has been on a collision course with Spence.

Spence won his first belt in 2017 - IBF - and insisted he would win the other 2 before facing WBO champ Crawford.  


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